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Integrate Opulentia Capital´s team into your business acquisition journey via our “Buy Build Sell ™” license and split the earnings 50/50 with us. 

Risk-free for you with our "No Acquisition, Money-Back Guarantee.

No Acquisition-Money Back Guarantee

100+  Acquisition Track Record

Detailed Step by Step


 100% Acquisition Guarantee

Immediately access an Expert Team


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About the "Buy, Build, Sell™" License

The Buy Build Sell™ License is a hybrid done-with-you model that allows entrepreneurs to buy companies and build groups, with the certainty, support and accountability of a seasoned team that has successfully acquired 100+ companies in the last 13 years.


You will be backed by Opulentia Capital and have a dedicated team that will be working hand-in-hand with you every step of the way in a closed group environment. Opulentia Capital are a family owned global mergers & acquisitions and private equity firm.


We´ll be right there beside you, ensuring your success and holding you accountable.

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100+ Acquisitions

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30 Industries

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11 Countries

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13 Years of Track Record

Here´s What You´re Gonna Get from The "Buy Build Sell™" License

Phase Preview

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01. Sourcing

In Sourcing, having a high quantity of quality off-market deal-flow is what makes it or breaks in M&A.

Quantity, because not every seller is ready to sell right now.

Quality, because it needs to fit within your personal goals and criteria that will meet your goals, as well as a Leveraged Buyout Structure.

Off-market because is our experience, the more direct and personal you are with the seller, there is a higher degree of trust, which is crucial when buying a company.

Within our "Sourcing" modules, you will learn how we do this at speed and with automations.

Module 1: Deal-Flow

Learning + Video Provided

Deal-flow is the number one crucial step into getting deals done. Dealflow is like oxygen when building an acquisition pipeline. We cover our numbers at each stage of the processs.

Module 2: Email Marketing

Learning + Video Provided

Personalised, scalable and automatic email marketing will enable you to hit the inbox of motivated sellers that are ready to engage with you. We run through our numbers, templates, response rates, processes and more, step by step.

Module 3: Linkedin

Learning + Video Provided

Either as a follow-up or direct approach, personalised, scalable and automatic linkedin will enable you be omnipresent with motivated sellers. We run through our numbers, processes and step-by-step.

Module 4: Letters

Learning + Video Provided

The good old method of sending targetted letters works well when done strategically with the Baby-Boomer generation. We run through our pre-letter sending strategies, our templates and our numbers.

Module 5: Supply Chain & Client Base

Learning + Video Provided

When buying into a company, you automatically establish a new relationship with the current client and supply chain. They wire you money, you wire them money, there is a pre-built trust element. Use this to your advantage and acquire companies throug the supply chain and client base. We show you how we do it within our portfolio companies and target companies.

Module 6: Google Maps

Learning + Video Provided

Real Estate Investors, have a way to access off-market real estate through the use of Google Maps, but why not use it for Business Acquisition Dealflow? We run through how we search for companies within an industry, location and then scrap the data from within Google Maps to target these business owners directly.

Module 7: Advisors

Dealing with advisors like corporate financiers, lawyers, accountants, M&A brokers, investment bankers, breaks rule number 1 of our M&A process, which is to go direct-to-seller and off-market. However, when navigated properly and expectations are set from the beginning, there is room for deals to be done. We provide you with templates and expectation setting exercises to not waste your valuable time.

Module 8: Personal Business Network

The power of having an existing network on Linkedin, Whatsapp, Facebook and Email, is probably underrated. Look within, before you look elsewhere and your next deal is probably in your network. We give you templates for how to approach this.

Our Buy Build Sell Model

Our trademarked “Buy, Build, Sell™" model is product of acquiring 100+ companies since 2010 with $1/3BN worth of value, building groups in fragmented industries and implementing strategies that build up the long term sustainability, legacy and enterprise value of the companies that we acquire.

1- Sourcing

Pre-Transaction: Sourcing direct-to-seller off-market opportunities, from owners that are seeking to sell & have a satisfactory succession plan.

2- "Buy Build Sell™" Pre-Analysis

Pre-Transaction: Our operational team analyses the business top to bottom across its different functions: From sales channels & marketing, financial management & reporting, Human Resources, operational processes & efficiencies, client satisfaction & fulfilment and vertical and horizontal inorganic integrations.

4- Inorganic Accretive Growth

Acquisition Closed: Our M&A team will focus on acquiring & integrating further companies across the supply chain & horizontally, that will improve the margin controls, economies of scale, group buying power & value-add to our client base.

5- Transition and Integration

Transaction Closed: We will aim for seamless integration & transition periods while professionalising the portfolio companies we own, buying and growing in market share. All while building the value of the companies through EBITDA growth, Cash Generation and Multiple Arbitrage.

3- Action Plan

Transaction Closed: Our Internal “Buy, Build, Sell”™ team develops a plan of action together with the portfolio company management teams to create an aligned step-by-step plan to pursue with quarterly goals and incentives.

6- Exit

Acquisition Closed: Once the “Buy, Build, Sell”™ approach has been executed, our M&A team will begin to find the right capitalization opportunities for a future owner of a market leading group.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do we require you to put personal equity?

- No we run a model that doesn’t require personal equity to get the acquisitions done.

Are there any fees involved to do a deal?

- No, we structure our fees and professional advisory fees payable on closing. We don´t require you to pay anything extra in for the acquisitions.

Do I have to sign Personal Guarantees in the acquisitions?

- Through our model you don’t, no.

How does the guarantee work?

- On average we close 3-4 out of 100 companies that reach the financial analysis stage. Mainly to do with the business owner´s expectations. We assure that if you send us 150 companies (that fits our criteria) to the financial analysis stage and we don’t buy a company that we will refund the investment back.

Who is this for?

- This is for entrepreneurs or wanna-be entrepreneurs with a B2B Sales Background that see M&A as the pathway towards building multi-7 and 8 figure wealth events. - We only select 12 candidates Max to the license at a time, but here are the following profiles we work with normally: - Experienced entrepreneurs venturing into M&A - M&A corporate advisors, wanting to go on to the buy-side. Instead of just make money from fees. - Search funders that want to buy more than 1 business. - Boutique M&A companies wanting to scale their operations to 12+ acquisitions/year - Commercial Real Estate Investors wanting to build a portfolio of businesses with Commercial Real Estate within it. - Executives wanting to transition into Entrepreneurship - Entrepreneurs that have sold their business, wanting to buy more companies and build groups

What acquisition model do you use?

- We utilise a Leveraged Buyout Transaction of well-run profitable businesses with management teams, so that you don’t have to be stuck buying yourself a job and can be more strategically involved In the business.

How long will I have access to Buy Build Sell™ License to?

- You will have access the buy build sell license for 10 years.

What if I don´t buy a business with your model?

- We guarantee that if you don’t buy a business after you send 150 companies to the financial analysis stage, that we will refund the money back. With that said, we utilise procedures that work in today’s market (we’ve acquired 15 companies in the last year.)

What is the biggest acquisition you have done?

- UK Salads Limited, turning 51M/Year in turnover and 2M EBITDA.

Where is it now?

- Revenues almost approaching £100m and acquired four others ebitda on track for £4m+.

What does the license agreement boil down to?

- It boils down to the following: Our experienced Buy Build Sell™ acquisition team become part of your team and will create a done-for-you service that will guarantee acquisitions in an efficient & timely manner. - We then split the earnings 50/50.

Why do we bring out a licensing model, instead of keeping it for ourselves?

- We have proven our ability to buy in between 15-20 companies/year withing our Opulentia Capital team. However, if we are to scale our operations to 40-50 acquisitions/year, we see it working through collaborating with other ambitious entrepreneurs that want to build their own firms. We see Mergers and Acquisitions as a team sport, and the more A-players you have, the more successful we believe we will all be.

Is there an investment to join the license?

- Yes there is an investment. We only offer the investment to individuals we think we can best work with.


By Paul Seabridge

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