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Case Study - Building "The UK´s Largest Taxi Network"

GROWTH THROUGH ACQUISITION - TECHNOLOGY & PARTNERSHIPS  - OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE - Take Me Group, is a national operator of Taxi Companies that has grown its operations through acquisition, having acquired 18 in 15 months in between 2020-2022, with the goal of building up a group to 4000+ Cars.

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Key Facts

  • Taxi industry is very fragmented. 20,000+ taxi cab companies just in the UK.

  • Big opportunity for consolidation in the industry through acquisitions and creating a head-office function

  • The likes of Uber, have a hard time accessing smaller town in the UK, because of driver shortage. 

  • No consolidated Tech platform for smaller taxi drivers.

Key Initiatives

  • Operators have been bought in order to increase the buying power of the overall group. 

  • Technology has been merged and integrated with Uber´s Operations in order to increase their reach to smaller towns.  

  • There has been a head office call centre to support all the operators. 

  • Costs of the different operators have been centralised and improved margins of all the companies.

  • Professionalising book-keeping within the companies has been integrated

  • We are creating opportunity for employees to transition into a larger operation. 

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Partnership with Uber
Current Situation: Exited in 2022

Let’s Work Together

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